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SUNSTAR-White Tea Flower Fragrance To Mouthwash (460ml)

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SUNSTAR-White Tea Flower Fragrance To Mouthwash (460ml)

Product Details

Net weight/specification: 460ml
Contents: Mouthwash
Origin: Japan
Preservation method: Please keep in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight
Usage method: Take an appropriate amount of 10ml (approximately a bottle 5 points of the lid is full), including the mouth, spit out after about 15 seconds, no need to rinse with water.
Note: Infants should be accompanied and guided by adults; correct tooth brushing habits are required to remove tooth stains, oral odor, and reduce plaque.
1. Multi-functional new formula, halitosis, white teeth, and tooth stains can be solved at one time.
2. Double adsorption of bad breath, make fresh breath last longer.
3. An ingredient that inhibits the formation of tooth stains, helping to reduce the adhesion of tooth stains.
4. With double mint spice, it can keep the fragrance fresh for a long time.
※The above information is for reference only, please follow the instructions and precautions in the actual product box/instruction before use.