Mid-Autumn Festival special offer. Designated Canadian ginseng leather gift box, 2 boxes for $ 218 at limited time.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. In addition to moon cakes, exquisite gift boxes such as American ginseng , dry goods , and seafood are also excellent choices as gift during the festival.

  • Designated premium Canadian ginseng leather gift box (227g), original price per box $180, 2 boxes for a limited time $ 218.
  • Designated Japanese scallops (454g), original price per box $98, limited time offer at $ 69.
  1. The event ends on September 13, 2022.
  2. Offer is only available on the official Canadian website and stores in the Greater Toronto Area.
  3. The number of products for each promotion is limited, while stocks last.
  4. Great Mountain Ginseng reserves the right to final interpretation, modification and suspension of activities.