Nourishing Ginseng from Canada


Great Mountain Ginseng started in 1976 by Mr. Yeh and his wife. After Mr. Yeh and his wife immigrated to Canada in 1972, they entered the American ginseng garden by chance and started the road of planting American ginseng. In order to learn the authentic ginseng planting skills, Mr. Yeh agreed to work for a Canadian ginseng garden for free. Three years later, although he did not earn a penny, he gained valuable planting skills and a quarter of the one acre of own planting land, and this land has also become the foundation for the development of Great Mountain Ginseng in the future. After the second generation Mr. Yeh Changlin and Ms. Yeh Cuihua took over, adhering to the concept of the older generation, they carried out the road of self-production and self-selling, and worked hard to open up the road of American ginseng that belongs to Great Mountain Ginseng and belongs to the Chinese step by step.

Nowadays, Great Mountain Ginseng's corporate concept is still based on "people and people". Over the years, in a positive and harmonious working environment, the company has cultivated many outstanding employees. Employees have learned to pursue a professional and enthusiastic service attitude under this culture. At the same time, the delicate and timely service of employees makes every customer an enjoyable shopping experience. Great Mountain Ginseng's consistent corporate culture makes employees feel proud when they work, and makes customers trust the brand increasingly.

At the beginning stage, the annual output of American ginseng in the United States was about 2 million pounds, and the output of American ginseng in Canada was only one-tenth of the United States. Although Great Mountain Ginseng's output was not large, it was the only ginseng farmer with production and selling capabilities. Due to the stable quality and reasonable price, the export volume of Canadian American ginseng has been increasing year by year. From 1996 to 1997, Great Mountain Ginseng once set a record of exporting nearly 600,000 pounds of American ginseng to Hong Kong. (40%-50% of total production from Canada), since then, Canadian American ginseng has gradually replaced the status of American American ginseng.

With the high quality of self-operated farms, in addition to exporting, Mr. and Mrs. Yeh Changlin and Ms. Yeh Cuihua opened a first store at Chinese shopping mall in Mississauga Chinatown, Greater Toronto Area in 1989. The first store was named Great Mountain Ginseng, and Great Mountain Ginseng Co. Ltd. was established at the same time, and the retail business of American ginseng has been started since then. Today, Great Mountain Ginseng has 11 self-operated stores in Canada, monitor all the way from the origin, present the best quality American ginseng to every customer.

Great Mountain Ginseng is the first Chinese-run American ginseng company in Canada. It has accumulated more than 40 years of ginseng planting experience, and has been recognized by the Ontario Government of Canada, as well as by the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association. The certificate of quality and origin issued by the company is the highest quality and largest American ginseng brand in Canada.

our history

  • 1976
    Established Y.E Ginseng (American Ginseng Farm).
  • 1982
    Established Chin Tai Ginseng Co. Ltd.
  • 1989
    The first store officially opened - Mississauga, Ontario, named Dashanxing. Established Great Mountain Ginseng Co. Ltd.
  • 1992
    Ontario's Chinatown store (Toronto) opens. Y.E Ginseng changed its name to Yeh's Ginseng Farm.
  • 1995
    The Richmond Hill store in Ontario's Times Square opened.
  • 1997
    The opening of the Markham store in Pacific Place, Ontario.
  • Year 1999
    The Ontario Golden Plaza store (Mississauga) opened.
  • 2004
    Richmond store opened in British Columbia. Scarborough store opened in Ontario.
  • 2006
    The Ontario Demonstration Farm Visitor Centre (Niagara-on-the-Lake) opens.
  • 2008
    The Ottawa store opened in Ontario.
  • 2011
    Opening of Thornhill store in Pomana, Ontario.
  • 2019
    Ontario Farm adds 45,000 square feet of processing plant and is SFCR certified

Our philosophy

Reassurance, integrity and innovation are the corporate philosophy of Great Mountain Ginseng, and it is also the goal that has persisted for more than 40 years. By working for foreigners for free to learn ginseng planting technology, Great Mountain Ginseng's development road was difficult, but because Mr. Yeh stepped into the farm himself, he knew the process of American ginseng planting, climate environment, soil quality, insect pests, etc., are deeply affected the quality of American ginseng, so from the beginning to the present, we have insisted of self-operated farms and made the first-line check, to ensure consumers feel relieved to buy any products from Great Mountain Ginseng.

Great Mountain Ginseng firmly believes that in addition to high-quality and safe products, only integrity can win the trust of consumers and make long-term business. Therefore, all Great Mountain Ginseng employees adhere to the principle of integrity and provide consumers with the best service. In addition, American Ginseng, as a product closely related to the concept of health preservation, most of its past customers were middle-aged and elderly people. Great Mountain Ginseng intends to make more people healthy and feel the goodness of American ginseng, and constantly launch new products. Such as American ginseng ice honey, American ginseng coffee, American ginseng almond fruit, etc., are all unique new products of Great Mountain Ginseng.

Our Mission
Great Mountain insists on natural, pure and high quality

  • 2006


    Chinese Canadian Entrepreneur Awards - The Award of Merit

  • 2011


    Foodland Ontario Approval - Certified Production in Ontario

  • 2011


    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Approval - Certified Production in Canada

  • 2011


    Ontario Ginseng Growers Association Approval - Certified for authenticity and country of production

  • 2019


    Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce - Business Achievement Award