Frequently Asked Questions

Member FAQS

How to become a member

Please click on the member center image at the top right of the web page, click Register Member, and fill in your basic personal information according to the guidelines to complete the registration and become a member.

What to do if you forget your password

Please click the member center image at the top right of the webpage, click to log in as a member, then click to forget your password, enter your registered email address, and you can change your password according to the instructions. Due to the privacy of personal information, customer service staff cannot query and change your password, please forgive me.

How to modify member information

Please log in as a member and click on the member information to modify it.

Shopping FAQ

Shopping process description

Register as a member → log in as a member → select a product → add to the shopping cart → go to the checkout / fill in the recipient information → complete the purchase. (You can also complete your purchase without becoming a member, just select Guest checkout before checkout.)

How to inquire an order

Please log in as a member first, go to My Account, click Order Inquiry, you can see the details of the order content and processing progress.

How to modify an order

Please leave a message customer service, or Email: Opsmanager@Greatmountainginseng.Com or add WeChat: Gmg_service

How to order overseas

Currently, the official website only provides services from Canadian warehouses to Canada and the United States . If you need to send it to other countries, please contact customer service for consultation. (

What are the payment methods

【Credit Card】Accept VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay and other credit card types. 【Paypal】Accept Paypal payment.

Shipping FAQ

Shipping method

Delivered by a partner logistics company - Canada Post or Purolator (USA), most orders are delivered by Expedited Parcel and will not be left outside the door to avoid loss

How long will it take to receive the merchandise

【Canada】Order processing time is 2 to 3 working days; delivery time depends on the region, generally 3 to 5 working days. (Special regions/territories, such as: Northwest NT, Yukon YT, Nunavut NU, depends on the flight of the logistics company, and the delivery time cannot be guaranteed) [United States] The order processing time is 2 to 4 working days; Delivery time depends on the region, generally 4 to 7 working days. (For special regions/territories, such as Alaska and Hawaii, it depends on the flight of the logistics company, and the delivery time cannot be guaranteed; in addition, the above delivery time does not include the customs inspection time.)

Express Mail/Expedited Service

Express mail usually requires additional$ 15-$ 30, please contact customer service for inquiries

The package was returned or undeliverable

If the address left by the orderer is incomplete or incorrect, and the logistics company cannot deliver the package, the logistics company will return the package to Great Mountain. If the orderer still wants this order, an additional shipping/handling fee of CAD10~CAD15 needs to be paid. The cost depends on the delivery location. Please contact with Great Mountain.

How to calculate the shipping cost

Currently, the official website can only be mailed to Canada and the United States. 【Canada】A single order over CAD99 (before tax) can enjoy free shipping; a single order less than CAD99 (before tax), a discretionary shipping fee of CAD15. 【United States】 There is no free shipping service, and each order will be charged CAD35 for shipping. (Note: Some products are not included in the calculation of free shipping, and Great Mountain reserves the right to modify and cancel the order.

How to return or exchange

Since most of the products sold by Great Mountain are food, in order to maintain the hygiene and safety of food, we will not accept returns or exchanges unless the product itself is defective, the item is wrong, or the packaging or food is damaged during transportation. If the above situation occurs, please keep the receipt, take a photo of the product within 24 hours of receiving the product, and contact customer service to arrange the follow-up return and exchange processing. If the returned package is not delivered to Canada Post within 14 days of the pickup procedure provided by Dashanhang, the order may not be canceled or refunded.

Liability waiver

Great Mountain will not be responsible for the delay or failure of delivery of the order caused by the following circumstances. (1) If there are out-of-stock items in your order, it may delay the delivery of your order. (2) The recipient information provided by you is incorrect and the address is not detailed. (3) When the goods are delivered to your address, you cannot sign the receipt, resulting in the related costs and results of a repeated delivery. (4) In case of force majeure factors, such as: storm, heavy snow, etc., the delivery arrival time may be slightly delayed.