shopping process

  1. 【Login Account】Click the humanoid image in the upper right corner (the yellow circle in the first picture), if you already have an account, please directly enter the account information (the yellow circle in the second picture), and then click to log in . If you have never registered an account, please click Create Account (the yellow circle in the second picture) and follow the instructions on the website to create an account.

  2. 【Browse Items/Add to Cart 】After browsing items in the online shopping category, add your favorite items to the shopping cart.
  3. 【View Shopping Cart Items 】Click the shopping bag icon (yellow circle) in the upper right corner of the page, you can see the list of all the products currently in the shopping cart, and click checkout (yellow circle) after confirming that it is correct.
  4. 【Fill in recipient information】Fill in the recipient information in detail, and please fill in the unit number for the apartment building. (If you have not logged into your account at this step, you need to fill in an email for the system to send order confirmation information and mailing information)
  5. 【Make Payment】 After the payment is completed, the shopping is completed.