The first limited edition! Free American ginseng slices for orders over $128 on the official website!

On the auspicious day of New Year's Day, Dashanxing will give you various gifts. On the first day of the Chinese New Year (Canada East Coast Time 2022Year 2Month1Day), place an order on the official website of Dashanxing or go to the store in the Greater Toronto Area for shopping , over the specified amount, you can get free Chinese New Year gifts. (Terms and Conditions may apply**)
【Official Website】
2022year2month1day, limited to 10 names!
Spend over $128(before tax), get a gift box of American ginseng slices (80g)1box, worth $28.
Use discount codeNY888
(The number of times the discount code is used is automatically determined by the system, and it will automatically expire after it is used 10 times. First-come, first-served. )
【Greater Toronto Area Stores】
2022year2month1day,GTAlimited to each store10Name!
Spend over $88(before tax), you can get 1 piece of Dashanhang Gift Card, worth $10.
(Some products are not included in the calculation of full quota, subject to the explanation of the store staff; the starting time of the activity is subject to the business hours of each store; the number of gift cards is limited, first come first served.)