Early Autumn Promotion


Autumn is approaching. When the seasons change, it is most likely to cause discomfort everywhere in the human body. It is best to eat less raw or cold food to avoid hurting the spleen and stomach and increasing the moisture in the body.

Autumn dryness is most likely to damage the lungs, because it is most direct exposed to the air. At this time, you can eat some qi-tonifying Canadian ginseng to benefit the lungs and moisturize dryness.

~Selected Canadian Ginseng Buy 2 Get 1 Free~

【Event Details Early Autumn Promotion page

【Promotion period】

⏰ 2023.08.01 to 2023.09.30 (Canadian East Coast Time)⏰

【Event Terms】

● The quantity of products is limited, and the event will end early when sold out.

● The event is only limited to orders placed at Great Mountain Ginseng Canada's stores in the Greater Toronto Area and Great Mountain Ginseng

Canada's official website.

● The above products are shipped by the Canadian headquarter, and can only be mailed to addresses in Canada and the United States.

● The prices of the above items are in Canadian dollars; they cannot be used in combination with other discounts.

● Great Mountain Ginseng reserves the right to interpret, revise and suspend the event.

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