Shipping policy

mailing range At present, the official website can only send goods to [Canada] and [United States], and other countries/regions are temporarily unable to provide postage services.
Note: Some products (such as dried shrimp, oysters, bird's nest, etc.) may not be delivered due to weather and customs factors. Dashanhang reserves the right to cancel and modify the order.
Tariff issues There is no tariff issue for parcels mailed within [Canada]. Parcels mailed to [US] may incur customs duties and related processing/handling fees. This additional fee shall be borne by consumers. If the parcel is returned due to refusal to pay customs duties or related fees, Dashan Travel will deduct the transportation/manpower fee. (CAD70), return the remaining order amount to the consumer, and cancel the order at the same time.
logistics company General parcels are delivered by logistics companies such as Canada Post, Purolator, Canpar, etc. All parcels are delivered by ordinary parcels, and receipt is required. Once the package is shipped, the system will automatically send the tracking number to your mailbox.
Delivery Time [Canada] The order processing time is 2 to 3 working days; the delivery time depends on the region, generally 3 to 5 working days. (Special areas/territories, such as: Northwest Territories NT, Yukon YT, Nunavut NU, depends on the flight of the logistics company, and the delivery time cannot be guaranteed)
【United States】Order processing time is 2 to 3 working days; delivery time depends on the region, generally 7 to 10 working days. (Special areas/territories, such as Alaska and Hawaii, depend on the flight of the logistics company, and the delivery time cannot be guaranteed; in addition, the above delivery time does not include customs inspection time.)
Freight calculation method 【Canada】A single order over CAD99 (before tax) can enjoy free shipping; a single order less than CAD99 (before tax), a discretionary shipping fee of CAD15.
[US] There is no free shipping service at the moment, and each order will be charged CAD35 for shipping.
Note: Some products are not included in the calculation of free shipping, and Dashanhang reserves the right to modify and cancel the order.
Package undeliverable If the address left by the orderer is incomplete or incorrect, and the logistics company cannot deliver the package, the logistics company will return the package to Dashanhang. If the orderer still wants this order, an additional shipping/handling fee of CAD10~CAD15 is required. The fee depends on the delivery location. Please contact the customer service for the orderer.
  1. Once the package is dispatched, the logistics company will be responsible for it. If you have any questions about timeliness, delivery, etc., please contact the logistics company yourself. Dashanhang does not assist consumers to communicate/negotiate with logistics companies.
  2. Dashanxing will not be responsible for the delay or failure of delivery of the order caused by the following circumstances. (1) If there are out-of-stock items in your order, it may delay the delivery of your order. (2) The recipient information provided by you is incorrect and the address is not detailed. (3) When the goods are delivered to your address, you cannot cooperate with the receipt, resulting in the related costs and results of repeated delivery. (4) In case of force majeure factors, such as: storm, heavy snow, etc., the delivery arrival time may be slightly delayed.