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South America Abalone - M (454g/box)

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South America Abalone - M (454g/box)

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Net weight: 454g
Specifications: 70~90 heads
Contents: Abalone
Origin: South America
Preservation method: Please seal it properly and store it in the refrigerator.
Note: It may contain sulfites; because abalone is a naturally dried seafood, in the dry weather in Canada, some abalone will appear white salt stains on the surface. This is not moldy, but a normal phenomenon, which does not affect edible. Great Mountain Ginseng recommends that you store the items in an airtight container in the refrigerator upon receipt.
Allergy warning: This product is a shellfish/crustacean product, those who are allergic to seafood should purchase/eat it carefully.

Abalone is rich in protein, and also has more nutrients such as calcium, iron, iodine and vitamin A.