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Thai dried shrimp (454g/bag)

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Thai dried shrimp (454g/bag)

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Net weight: 454g
Specifications: N/A
Contents: dried shrimps
Country of Origin: Thailand
Storage method: Please seal it properly and store it in the freezer.
NOTE: May contain sulfites
Allergy warning: This product is a shellfish/crustacean product. People with seafood allergies should consider purchasing/eating it carefully.
※This product is a frozen product and can only be shipped to Ontario, Canada.
Dried shrimps are dried shrimps and are a famous seafood. It has high protein content and is rich in astaxanthin, which is quite nutritious. Dried shrimp can be used as a seasoning for stir-fry dishes to add aroma; it can also be used in recipes such as carrot cakes, fried rice, and fried rice noodles.