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Canadian Ginseng Capsules (100 capsules/bottle)

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Canadian Ginseng Capsules (100 capsules/bottle)

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Net weight: 50g (500mg*100 capsules)
Specification: 500mg
Contents: Canadian Ginseng
Origin: Canada
Storage method: Please keep in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight
Great Mountain Ginseng started in 1976 and is the first Chinese-run Canadian ginseng company in Canada. It has accumulated more than 40 years of experience in growing ginseng. From sowing to harvesting, strict quality control standards are set. An experienced selection team carefully selects high-quality Canadian ginseng. This dedication and perseverance has also made Great Mountain Ginseng Canadian ginseng the first choice for Chinese people around the world.

Canada has superior geographical conditions, so the Canadian ginseng in Great Mountain Ginseng is uniquely endowed by nature. The quiet water quality and fertile soil make the grown Canadian ginseng especially good in texture and mild in properties, suitable for consumption all year round. Great Mountain Ginseng's unique dehydration and drying technology allows Canadian ginseng without additives to retain the most nutrients, allowing you to eat 100% healthy.

Great Mountain Ginseng's Canadian ginseng powder is directly ground from dried Canadian ginseng. It has a fine texture and is easy to absorb.