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Dried Sakura Shrimp (227g/bag)

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Dried Sakura Shrimp (227g/bag)

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Net weight: 227g
Specifications: N/A
Contents: dried Sakura shrimp
Storage method: Please seal it properly and store it in a freezer.
Caution: May Contain Sulfites
Allergy Warning: This product is a shellfish/crustaceous product. Those who are allergic to seafood, please purchase/eat accordingly.

dried Sakura shrimp is a treasure of 120 to 250 meters deep-sea shrimp. Its output is very limited, and it is a natural and precious treasure in the sea.

Sakura Shrimp is rich in many nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, chitin, chitin, astaxanthin, and crude protein. The calcium content is about 10 times that of milk, and 40 times that of eggs. It is the best calcium for children. It is also the source of women's beauty and the best nutritional supplements for puerpera, and it is also the need for high calcium supplementation for the elderly.
Sakura Shrimp can be used as a condiment in stir-fried dishes to add aroma; it can also be used in recipes such as carrot cake, fried rice, and fried rice noodles.