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Canadian sea cucumber - with flowers (454g/bag)

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Canadian sea cucumber - with flowers (454g/bag)Canadian sea cucumber - with flowers (454g/bag)

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Net weight: 454g
Contents: sea cucumber
Country of Origin: Canada
Storage method: Please store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
Allergy warning: This product is a sea cucumber product. People with seafood allergies should consider purchasing/eating it carefully.
Wild sea cucumbers in the Canadian Arctic live under 30 feet of water in the North Atlantic waters. The average surface water temperature in the cold water area of ​​this sea area does not exceed 14 degrees Celsius. The surface freezes in winter and is inaccessible all year round. There is no pollution from industrial or human activities around it, and the growth environment is good.
The sea cucumber flower is actually the head and internal organs of the sea cucumber, including its breathing tree (scuba), sea cucumber mouth, intestines and eggs. The buds of ordinary sea cucumbers are smaller, but the buds of Canadian wild arctic ginseng are golden and beautiful in color, and look like corals after soaking. Because Arctic ginseng is a pure wild sea cucumber, its buds have a crisp texture with a bit of a crunch, somewhere between stings and asparagus. They are suitable for cold dishes or stir-frying, and are often used to make tea, wine or soup. .