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CANAVIDA-Brazilian green propolis (30ml/bottle)

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CANAVIDA-Brazilian green propolis (30ml/bottle)

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NPN: 80027516
Net weight/specification: 30ml
Contents: propolis
Origin: Brazil
Storage method: Please store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
How to use: It can be directly dropped into the mouth, or added to water, fruit juice, or tea for drinking.
Note: N/A
Propolis is a jelly-like substance that bees secrete beeswax to protect the hive, mixed with pollen and resin on branch buds, and has the function of isolating viruses and bacteria. At the same time, propolis can inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria in the hive. Its main component is flavonoid, which has the function of anti-oxidation or anti-inflammatory reaction. CANAVIDA propolis is produced in the wild forests of Brazil, isolated from the possibility of pesticides and industrial pollution. Its maturation period is up to one year, and no chemicals are added in the production process. The raw material concentration is as high as 43% to 46%, which is the best in propolis.
[Functions and Indications] Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
※The above information is for reference only, please follow the instructions and precautions in the actual product box/manual before use.