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Golden Nest-Spicy honey chicken jerky (113g/bag)

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Golden Nest-Spicy honey chicken jerky (113g/bag)

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Net weight/specification: 113g
Contents: Chicken jerky (chicken, cane sugar, honey, Sriracha sauce (chili, garlic, vinegar), anchovy sauce (anchovies, salt), sesame oil, celery powder)
Country of Origin: Canada
Storage method: Please store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
Instructions for use: Open the package and consume.
Note: N/A

【Using hormone-free American chicken】
Using hormone-free American chicken is healthier.

[No MSG, nitrite, nitrate, etc. added]
Exclusive secret seasoning without added MSG or other preservatives.

[Open flame barbecue, great flavor]
The traditional open flame grilling process is used to lock in the natural gravy without drying out the meat.

[Convenient packaging, convenient and hygienic to carry]
Packed in small portions and vacuumed independently, it is easy to carry and hygienic and clean.