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Jinzhibao Scallops and Sakura Shrimp XO Sauce (240g/bottle)

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Jinzhibao Scallops and Sakura Shrimp XO Sauce (240g/bottle)

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Net weight: 240g
Specifications: N/A
Place of Origin: Hong Kong
Contents: Scallops and Sakura Shrimp XO Sauce
Storage method: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight . Please refrigerate after opening.
NOTE: May contain sulfites
Allergy warning: This product is a shellfish/crustacean product. People with seafood allergies should consider purchasing/eating it carefully.
Scallop and Sakura Shrimp XO Sauce is made from the finest scallops (Jiang Yao Zhu), Sakura Shrimp and other ingredients. It can be eaten in various ways: such as before meals or as a snack with wine. It is also suitable for eating with various delicacies, Chinese dim sum, noodles, and porridge. , and can be used to cook meat, vegetables, seafood, tofu, fried rice, etc.
Scallops are rich, sweet and full of sea essence.
Sakura shrimp is a treasure of shrimps in the deep sea between 120 and 250 meters. Its production is very limited, and it is actually a natural and precious sea treasure. Sakura shrimp is rich in many nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, chitin, chitin, astaxanthin, and crude protein. The calcium content is about 10 times that of milk and 40 times that of eggs. It is the best calcium for children. It is the source of quality and is also a supplement for women’s beauty and optimal nutrition for postpartum women. It is also a high-calcium supplement for the elderly.